From 22 February – 25 March 2021, the BID will be holding a ballot to ask local levy-paying businesses to vote to renew Hammersmith BID for a fourth term. We will need your support to continue to deliver these vital services until 2026.

Like all BIDs, we are required to seek re-election every five years. All businesses have been given the opportunity to be consulted on any issues they might have and to air their views on the area. We have also welcomed ideas for renewed focus. The BID has published its Business Plan based on these consultations.

We are now seeking to secure your vote to enable us to deliver a successful ballot, following success in years 2006, 2011 and 2016, to continue delivering an outstanding area in which everyone can prosper and thrive.

Hammersmith BID is the voice for Hammersmith businesses and the additional projects and services that we provide are essential to the future success and continued vibrancy of the area. Without a successful renewal ballot, these vital initiatives will immediately cease and will not be replaced.

We are mindful of the effects of the pandemic and fully understand its ongoing challenges to our businesses. If you have any difficulties accessing information or documentation, please don’t hesitate to contact the BID team.

We are proposing a suite of continued, and new project areas under three main headings; Public Realm and Green Investment; Security and Resilience; and Community and Partnerships. Your views are valued and we have consulted with our businesses and assimilated all your feedback on these proposed activities. All of this has been fed into our Business Plan 2021 – 2026 which can be viewed or downloaded below.
Hammersmith BID Business Plan 2021-2026
Staff welfare and that of the wider community has never been more important. We will seek to invest in green infrastructure whilst supporting and lobbying for further improvements to the public realm. As we enhance and strengthen our town centre after the effects of the pandemic, and look forward across the next five years, the BID will exhibit an increased focus on the sustainability of the town centre.

To create a new, green Public Realm Vision
We will consult with our stakeholders to create a strategy for a more resilient and attractive town centre. This will include provision of safe, outdoor spaces, green public art, enhanced lighting, and potential pedestrian zones.

The expansion of Parcels not Pollution
Following the successful launch of our zero-emissions delivery enterprise, we will continue our commitment to improved air quality by rolling Parcels not Pollution out more widely and introducing new services. This will consolidate parcel deliveries in the area, which will reduce emissions and congestion by removing polluting vehicles.

Further expansion of our outdoor seating areas
Office life after COVID-19 requires more opportunities for social distancing. Building on our award-winning parklet programme, we will create pleasant outdoor seating areas for visitors, as well as supporting our businesses with additional outdoor space for trading. We will also explore alternative, weather-proof safe seating such as pods.

Support of sustainable commuting and Clean Air Walking Routes
Working with businesses to create Active Travel Plans for staff; and promoting Clean Air Walking Routes. Employee cycle training and supporting attractive cycling infrastructure.

Additional greening of public spaces
Building on our effective partnership work such as the Business Low Emission Neighbourhood (BLEN), we will continue to explore opportunities to install physical improvements, from flower planting to Sustainable Urban Drainage systems.

Supporting the development of Hammersmith Highline
Lobbying to create the Hammersmith Highline, the ultimate iconic outdoor space in Hammersmith, in partnership with local businesses and stakeholders such as TfL and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

Broadening the Transport Forum
Working with the GLA, TfL and Hammersmith & Fulham Council, we will continue to regularly inform our businesses on the latest developments that may affect their staff travel, deliveries and other transport issues.

Climate Alliance and environmental commitments
We will work alongside Climate Alliance partners in supporting businesses achieve their environmental targets. This includes carbon baselining, plastic-free initiatives and waste and delivery audits.


A large majority of our businesses see our security initiatives as an important support and we are committed to continuing and improving these. Working with the impacts of COVID-19, we also understand that there are new safety priorities, primarily around public health concerns and visitor confidence. Managing crowds, social distancing, and cleanliness in the town centre will be more important than ever to build up reassurance. We also understand that there will be other disruptions and new ways of working in the long term and will develop responsive programmes to support those changes.

Measures to improve public health concerns and business confidence in the town centre
To reassure staff and visitors to the town centre, we will maintain and expand supporting features including signage, hand sanitising provision and social distancing measures.

Additional support for home/office connections
These to include environmentally friendly deliveries between office and home, well-being services and networking opportunities including virtual events.

Extra cleansing programme
We will continue to invest in additional cleansing, including of public touch-points, to protect your staff and help them feel more comfortable in a post-COVID town centre.

To provide a Business Crime Reduction Partnership
This will include leading on our PubWatch and ShopWatch schemes that assist retailers and hospitality premises address crime and antisocial behaviour concerns with the full support of the Metropolitan Police and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

Continuing our SafetyNet Radio service
Building on the strong security links we have already established, we will continue to provide a dedicated town link radio system that dynamically connects businesses directly to the wider CCTV network and support.

Strengthening business resilience through key partnerships
We will support businesses by providing our own bespoke Hammersmith business continuity plan as well as ensuring they have the latest training products from counter terrorism policing and specialist cyber-crime advice.

Offering free bicycle security marking, maintenance and crime prevention advice
Bespoke year-round events for Hammersmith employees and businesses both in-house and in Lyric Square.

Businesses repeatedly tell us that interactions, events and networking are of the utmost importance to them and their staff. In addition, many businesses value the BID lobbying on their behalf and representing them on various bodies. As such, we will continue to develop partnerships where possible, deliver a varied events programme and build on existing connections.

Continuing our Shop Local Shop Safe campaign
Our Shop Local Shop Safe campaign, adopted across the borough by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, entailed working with police and business managers to support retail, leisure and hospitality businesses. This ensures that employees, visitors and shoppers are safe and feel comfortable in a post-COVID public space.

Helping to develop the “15-minute neighbourhood”
To engage a new audience for Hammersmith, we will demonstrate and promote how accessible and varied our town centre offer is to thousands of households. This will bring new custom for the local economy and enhance the vibrancy of the area for all

Growing the Hammersmith Privilege Card and e-Privilege app membership
We will increase the existing 10,000+ subscriber base on our Privilege Card platforms by continuing to liaise with local businesses and providing relevant information and offers to customers.

Lobbying for, supporting and creating new opportunities for local SMEs
Building on the success of Made in H&F, we will explore new marketplaces and cultural enterprises for artists and makers. We will also look to develop incubator zones for SMEs in the wider community and facilitate employment schemes and apprenticeships for businesses.

Expanding our successful events programme
The Summer Festival is the popular headline event of an annual programme of activities, both virtual and in-person, held across the BID area, working with various partners. These have included the Big Screen, art installations, guided walks, health and wellbeing activities, networking and seasonal events.

Supporting Small tap, big change
We will continue our work with Small tap, big change, the BID’s own initiative supporting local homelessness charities throughout the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Exploring partnerships with universities and educational organisations
To commision original research on topics such as understanding the new ways of working, its impact on the local economy and effects on staff.

Partnership work
The BID represents and lobbies for BID levy payers on a number of issues and will continue to have a presence on boards and panels such as Cross River Partnership and the London BIDs Against Crime security group. We will also build on our cultural partnerships with local arts organisations and media companies.

The BID industry has a powerful voice and as a key member, we sit on the BIDs Advisory Board and are in a position to ensure your voices and opinions as BID levy payers are heard, as an important contributor to the future success of Hammersmith. We can, and do, lobby for substantial change. Locally, we represent your interests and facilitate connections with the local government. In addition, we sit on panels and boards of many partner organisations ensuring that Hammersmith’s business voice
is represented and heard.
Some of the panels and bodies we sit on include: the British BIDs Advisory Board, Transport for London, Greater London Authority, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Association of Town & City Management, Institute of Place Management, Cross River Partnership, West London Business, Capital West London, London BIDs Against Crime security group, Night Time Economy.
The BID has many channels that we use to market Hammersmith as a business destination to a broad audience; as well as to communicate news and developments to our members, and to facilitate networking.
As part of our communications strategy, we deliver regular news and updates to our levy payers, and to the wider Hammersmith community. Our website is regularly updated, full of news, information, campaigns and new offers. We actively seek out press coverage, raising the profile of Hammersmith and the surrounding area; and produce bespoke events and networking opportunities, both virtual and in-person, for our businesses. Underpinning this activity are our social media channels, which provide both a window onto our activities in Hammersmith, as well as promotional opportunities for our businesses.
Who we are

Hammersmith BID is your Business Improvement District – an independent, not-for-profit company set up with the aim of improving Hammersmith town centre as a place to work, live and visit.

First established in 2006, Hammersmith BID is one of the oldest Business Improvement Districts in the country. Led by member businesses, the BID represents over 250 organisations.

Hammersmith BID is democratically elected by its member businesses. A BID term lasts for a maximum of five years, after which a renewal ballot is required to approve the next five-year term.

Management team

The BID is managed by a core team, which manages the day-to-day operations, and ensures that the projects and operations in the Business Plan are driven forward, monitored and measured.

  • Arun Sondhi
  • Patricia Bench
  • Livia Caruso
  • Matthew John
  • Gordon Brockie
  • Julia Gosling
  • Luisa Martinez

The BID is led by a Board of Management and local representatives from the Council and the business community. The local representatives are non-voting members, while the Board includes large and small levy-paying businesses in the area – reflecting the business mix in Hammersmith.

How we work

Hammersmith BID is funded by the BID levy, which for the forthcoming term is a charge of 0.8% of rateable value of the hereditament for the first year and 1% for subsequent years. The money raised is ring-fenced for the BID area in Hammersmith town centre, and is spent on services in addition to those provided by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and other statutory bodies.

The BID has a close working relationship with the local authority, the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport for London, and the Greater London Authority, which place much importance on the ability of BIDs to ‘place-shape’ local town centres in partnership with businesses.

Our commitment

For the past 15 years, and heading with energy into the next five, Hammersmith BID has contributed greatly to the transformation of Hammersmith, which is now widely recognised as one of the most dynamic and creative hubs in West London.

As one of the oldest Business Improvement Districts in the country, we have many years of experience working closely with businesses and employers. In addition, we are also committed to the wider Hammersmith community, as demonstrated in our partnership projects such as the Summer Festival, the Made in H&F creative enterprise and the town centre parklets. More recently, we have played a lead role in connecting local businesses and residents to deliver vital services through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving forward, we will continue to work together with employers, residents, the public sector, transport partners, workers and visitors to make Hammersmith a fully integrated destination that works for all its community. We are clear that we can plan more effectively, and deliver more widely, when we are inclusive.

Key Dates

Ballot opens:
Monday 22 February 2021

Ballot Closes:
Thursday 25 March 2021

Result announced:
Friday 26 March 2021

Fourth term commences:
Thursday 1 April 2021

Contact us
If you have any questions feel free to get in touch info@hammersmithbid.co.uk
Renewal Ballot
Frequently asked questions

When is the Hammersmith BID Renewal Ballot?

The Ballot opens on 22 February 2021 and runs until 25 March at 5pm. The result will be announced on 26 March 2021.

Who runs the Ballot process?

The Ballot will be conducted by Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Electoral Services. The Returning Officer is Kim Smith. The email address for all enquiries is electoral.servicesadmin@lbhf.gov.uk

Who is entitled to vote on BID proposals?

The person(s), registered company or organisation who is the ratepayer for non-domestic rates of a rating hereditament within the Business Improvement District is typically listed as the default voter. However, if the business is in joint names, a registered Company or a charity/non-profit organisation, the person nominated will be the only person entitled to vote. To nominate the person, we will be contacting you in the January 2021 with a pre-ballot letter and a Voter Nomination Form.

When will the ballot paper be issued?

The ballot papers will be issued by Hammersmith & Fulham Council Electoral Services, and voters should receive these by 23 February at the latest.

How will the voting work?

The ballot has to meet two tests. Firstly, there must be a simple majority (above 50 per cent) of all votes cast, in favour. Secondly, those voting in favour must represent a majority by rateable value of the hereditaments voting. The full ballot procedure and ballot papers will be forwarded to those ratepayers/ nominated voters who are eligible to vote.

How is the BID funded?

The BID is funded by the BID levy. The levy is fixed at 0.8% of rateable value of the property in the 2021 or subsequent valuation list for the first year; and 1% for subsequent years; for all properties in the BID area with a value of £51,000 or greater.

How and when is the BID levy payable?

Hammersmith & Fulham Council will send you a BID levy account for you to pay on behalf of the BID company. The BID levy is paid direct to the Council on 1st April or for new ratepayers within 14 days of the account being sent to you. There is no instalment facility but if you are experiencing difficulty in paying the account, you can telephone the Council to discuss payment. Hammersmith & Fulham Council is the collecting agent.

Are there properties excluded from the BID levy?

Yes, there are a few types of properties that are excluded from the BID levy:
1) All charities receiving mandatory rate relief;
2) All hereditaments with a rateable value of £50,999 or less;
3) All public services, defined as those services free at the point of delivery. These include the police, fire brigade and ambulance services, the Council and public- funded NHS hospitals.

Can these businesses still benefit from BID services?

Businesses in the BID area not eligible to pay the BID levy are encouraged to pay a voluntary contribution and become members of the BID company.